It really is down to your own imagination. For us anything is possible, both hand tufted and hand knotted. We work within the confines of the medium to produce a work of art that makes a statement.
Work with our team of artists and designers to produce your own rug for your living or working space to your own requirements, any size, any shape.

We take an image supplied by the client or we design an image in conjunction with the client. For a unique commissioned rug AFR will develop the image in conjunction with the client.  The first step is to meet with the client.
Let us use a real example. AFR met with the client who wanted a circular Turkish style rug of approximately 1 or 2m square with a peacock design to go into their bedroom. The colour scheme of the bedroom was gold, oranges and yellows. AFR showed the client various stylized peacocks to get an idea of what they wanted. AFR then brought the client 5 different concept drawings.  The client then actually took two ideas from the concepts and asked AFR to create a design using these two ideas.


A draft rug drawing was done, after three visits to the client with various design and colour changes made to the clients request a final drawing was agreed upon. Then it when through the digitalization. A final colour check with the client on the digital image of the future rug was made and then it was sent off to the weavers.  This is the image and final picture of this rug.