We offer two methods of rug pruduction, hand tufted and hand knotted.

Hand Tufting

hand tufted wool rugs are made with a tool called a "tufting gun." Loops of wool are pushed through a backing that has been imprinted with the overall design. When the rug maker is through with this process another foundation, called a scrim is applied with latex glue. When this dries, the final protective cloth backing is applied.

The last step is to shear the rug so that all of the loops on the top of the rug are cut, which in turn creates the pile.

Hand Knotting

 the hand-knot requires an initial base, which is made by attaching the warp yarn to the loom, weaving the weft yarn to ensure stability. To create the surface of the rug, knots are individually incorporated, row by row. The type and thickness of the knot offers different results; the number of knots per square metre increases the quality, definition and durability of the rug. For example, the Persian method is more traditional, with each knot individually cut by hand to create the pile. The Indo Nepal technique involves a rod that allows for an entire row of knots to be cut. Hand knotting is a slow process that allows for the creation of highly detailed patterns